Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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(disclaimer: old picture :-)
As a child, I must have "re-arranged" my bedroom weekly, if not daily. (I like to think that) My parents marveled at how much I could change the feeling and character of that ten by ten using the same furniture, time after time.

Well, the more I've changed, the more I've stayed the same. Because today my passion is all about making wonderful spaces with limited resources.

These days I focus on restoring, re-imagining and resourcing wonderful furnishings at amazing deals.

I scour garage sales, thrift shops and the internet to find diamonds in the rough, polish them up and use them to create rooms people love to live in.

I invent creative solutions for those strange decor problems that everyone has and bring everything together into a space that expresses the personality of its inhabitant.

In the end your space won't look like some generic magazine cover, it will look just like you.

So Stay Tuned; cuz here comes da blog...

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